Forms of support for investors

The city of Cherepovets formm developed a wide range of support for investors (financial, property, consulting and information). In the "forms of support" on our website you will find all the detailed information about the services in the city of Cherepovets forms of support to facilitate the implementation of investment projects. Preview of the forms of support for small and medium-sized businesses on the site of "City Development Agency".

ANO "Investment Agency" Cherepovets "being the operator of the investment process provides services in support of investment projects on the principle of" one window ". The service is based on developed Regulations on investment activity on the territory of the municipality «City of Cherepovets». The Decree describes all forms of support, for which investor can expect in the implementation of projects in the city of Cherepovets.

Get acquainted with the existing forms of support can also be in our electronic catalog "Reference existing forms of business support."

We are always ready prokonsultirovat and talk about what forms of support to date for your business!

Also we offer you to get acquainted with all forms of support in the city of Cherepovets, downloading electronic directory of existing forms of support for business in the city of Cherepovets.