The development plan of the city of Cherepovets until 2022 "Cherepovets - a city of opportunities"

The city of possibilities

What is a successful economically developed city? According to citizens and new strategy developers it is first of all a combination of 3 factors: comfortable and safe environment, rich culture and favorable image. By 2022 Cherepovets will have to take a step from a traditional industrial city towards a city with the developed stable economy, safe and developed area and broad opportunities for self-fulfillment and labour of citizens. Therefore Cherepovets sets itself 4 strategic aims.


The first aim is to provide affordable and proper education in accordance with varying demands of population and long-term tasks on economy and urban community development. This rather long definition contains specific goals. First of all it is construction of two new schools and three kindergartens in Zasheksninsky district. Besides, the city will continue to pay great attention to supporting school and kindergarten teachers. Some specific indexes are mentioned here. For example in 2012 85,8 % of children from 1,5 to 7  were provided with preschool education, in 2022 this index should be not less than 90%. Currently availability of staff of education institutions amounts to 84 %, in 10 years it will be not less than 95 %.

Secondly, creation of a university district in the frame of Cherepovets State University which unites Institute of Management and Information Technology, all technical colleges, the city’s department of education and number of schools realizing profession-oriented training programs. Representatives of large industrial enterprises as well as small and medium businesses could require specially trained specialists as well as participate in young specialists training on this basis. It would help Cherepovets to become a city attractive for obtaining vocational secondary and higher education. In 2012 only 7 % of nonresident students came to Cherepovets to study, in 2022 this index is planned to be at the level of 30 % from the total amount of students. The proportion of graduates employed according to specialization should increase from 40 to 80 %. Special attention will be paid to local applicants: today only 50 % of school graduates stay in the city for further studying, in 2022 this index should increase to 65%.

Citizens health

The second aim is to increase duration and quality of life of present and future generations of citizens. This direction includes development of municipal medicine and sports infrastructure. Among facilities which contribute to citizens’ active ageing and healthy living are polyclinic, aqua park with a swimming pool, Gritinskaya Gorka, Green grove in Zasheksninsky district and swimming pool in Zayagorbsky district.

Culture and civil society

The third aim is to preserve and enrich cultural assets of the city, create conditions for improving availability of benefits of culture, development and realization of cultural and mental potential of every citizen. The following facilities can help in achievement of this aim: recreation area «the Galsky Manor», culture and leisure center in 112 microdistrict (over the Sheksna) and development of other projects.

The fourth aim is to expand the systems of public participation in planning and solution of urban development problems. The following projects are responsible for this:  «Public municipality», «Territorial self-government organization», «University of senior citizens» etc.

Territory development

By 2022 Cherepovets should become a city comfortable for living for all categories of citizens; the system of housing and utility sector should move to a totally new level. Objects: improvement of Makarinskaya grove, construction of a road junction in the area of Raakhe street, the second bridge over the Sheksna, the quay along the Yagorba and creation of solid domestic waste processing system. The city will pay attention not only to Zasheksninsky district, there is a special development and land improvement plan for each of the four districts of the city: renewal of parks and walking areas, construction of sports and recreation centers and sports grounds, repair of facades of municipal buildings, reconstruction of multiple street lighting system and creation of video control system.

In general it is planned that by 2022 new builds delivered in the city will reach the amount of 140 sq. m. (currently it is 61,5 sq. m.), the whole rolling stock of the municipal public transport will be replaced, the percent of roads which do not need overall repair will increase.


The leading goal in this life sphere is creating an efficient structure on investment climate improvement and creation of new productions through modernization of the existing ones.

The maximum rate of economic growth will happen within the next five years, i.e. by 2017 the city’s economy should totally change and become the most attractive for investors.

Special attention is also paid to small and medium business development. The conditions for consumer market growth are created (trade and service sector). The city will support local producers, preserve social projects on provision of goods and services at preferential prices and make the location of trade enterprises more convenient.